Bringing Life to Land


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Bringing Life to Land for More Than Four Decades.

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Ensuring the most advanced practices, DG Group works to build and manage the natural cycle of water for every new community, taking into account the unique social, economic and environmental conditions of each area we serve.


Integrated Living

DG Group creates in delicate balance. Our journey is guided by preservation, care and innovation — all three serve to harmoniously integrate our communities within the existing ecosystem. Given that biodiversity may be affected by climate-related risks, we design infrastructure and operate in a manner that protects air quality and reduces emissions.


Community Partnerships

Collaborating to promote water and biodiversity stewardship is key to solving global environmental challenges. We operate in diverse environments, working to understand and mitigate negative impacts on biodiversity. Through our charitable investments, we partner with communities and institutions to advance conservation and skill building, and improve access to technology.


Educating A New Generation

DG Group preserves and regenerates the landscape through various sustainability initiatives. Recognizing the significance of bringing life to land, we take tremendous steps to ensure future generations are made aware of the values of sustainability and develop a sense of responsibility to uphold them.