Bringing Life to Land


Community Partnerships

Community Engagement & Volunteering.

Like an environment that unites ecosystems, the principle of giving back orchestrates our communities. The partnerships we have built enable DG Group to mitigate the negative impacts on biodiversity and leave our areas improved. In the ecosystems of our communities, people live and thrive in harmony with their surroundings; our partnerships are the environment that nourishes them.

Helping families in the GTA

We took it upon ourselves to preserve Holiday Helpers’ legacy by providing low-income families a better situation for their young children during the holiday season. Our staff helped “Santa’s Elves” decorate, wrap, sort, prepare and deliver holiday packages to some of the 200 families in the GTA, Durham Region and Hamilton.

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unity and awareness

We take pride in annually participating in significant events that foster unity and raise awareness. DG Group is a proud supporter of William Osler’s annual Ski Day, Gala and Hockey Night, all of which help to finance medical equipment and fund development initiatives.

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Preserving Our Landscape

Involved in the Region of Simcoe’s ‘Connect Campaign’ that envisions a $6.5 million renovation of Scanlon Creek’s Nature Centre, DG Group also donates to the LSRCA’s annual conservation dinner and volunteers with The Simcoe Country Tree Planting Program. Together, we aim for a healthier Lake Simcoe watershed to inspire, motivate and enrich us all.

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The Importance of Responsibility

As conscientious developers, DG Group recognizes the importance of taking care of where we live. Invasive species are among Ontario’s greatest threat to the survival of our wild animal and plant life. DG staff spent the day removing invasive species around Heart Lake Conservation Area. It is a constant, recurring initiative to uphold the harmony of nature.

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DG Group joined with the Trillion Trees Campaign—a worldwide platform that is helping plant for the planet. Caring for our planet is as important as building communities that support the welfare and livelihood of its residents. Since 2018, we have planted nearly 4,000 trees in Ontario; our mission is to plant 10,000 by 2025.

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Food for those in need

No one should have to choose between food or a place to live, but unfortunately it is a reality for many. In three days, DG Group helped Second Harvest provide food to those in need—over 90,000 residents. This was only a minor alleviation of a much larger crisis.

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